The Six Chinese Survivors of the Titanic

The Six
5th July 2018, 08:30
Hi there from Shanghai,

I know this is kind of a shot in the dark, but I am researching for a documentary on the 6 Chinese survivors of the Titanic called "The Six", and hope someone might be able to help me find information about them and the ships they were working before and after the Titanic.

Generally speaking, I am looking for any information, especially crew lists and discharge dates, on the following ships from about the year 1910-1920:

Empress of Russia
SS Leeds City
SS Norwegian

Thanks a lot,

Roger Griffiths
5th July 2018, 11:43
Hello Paul and welcome,
Regards Crew Agreements. First of all you would need to obtain the Official Number of the vessels you are interested in. These can be obtained from here.

Crew Agreements are stored in three different locations.
10% at The British National Archives.

88% at The Maritime History Archive

Both searched by Official Number.


Crew Agreements for years ending in "5"
Are available online from NMM Greenwich.
I have linked a page from 1915 Crew Agreement of NORHILDA O/N 127079 as an example.