John Dalain shipped out for Esso in 1935

9th July 2018, 14:40
Hi. John Joseph Dalain was my great-uncle. He shipped out for Esso starting in 1935 (that I can tell), working between Boston and Venezuela. He was Boston born and raised, but ended his life in Texas, probably after working for Humble Oil.

He died in 1966, when I was an infant, and there is no one left in the family to ask about his life.

I am wondering how to find out more about his service record. I know that he served in 1943 with the Esso Fleet as Naval support, but I don't know which ship her served on. I know that he received a 10-year button for being a 2nd mate in the Deck Department in 1943.

How might I find records of his service?

Any help would be so fantastic. Thanks so much!