John Walters - Freezer on MV Icenic

15th July 2018, 14:44
Iím trying to get in contact with John, an ex SSA chief refrigeration engineer I sailed with on MV Icenic in the 70ís. John moved from the north of England to live in the Auckland area and I have an old .nz email address for him.

I am coming over to NZ in late September and October, staying in Auckland for 4 days from 27th September before taking a 28-day tour of the country.

It would be great to touch base with John again, or any other old SSA colleagues.
Jim Holmes

PS I've also posted this on the 'looking for old shipmates' section, so if the admins think it should only be on one are, please feel free to bin this one.

22nd July 2018, 22:39
John I would suggest you drop a line to Jamie Shedden of the SSA society in NZ as there is about a hundred on the books of exSSA staff
Email address for Jamie Shedden <[email protected]>

22nd July 2018, 22:42
Jim I would suggest you drop a line to Jamie Shedden of the SSA society in NZ as there is about a hundred on the books of ex SSA staff
Email address for Jamie Shedden <[email protected]>

22nd July 2018, 23:19
Thanks for the tip GWB, I've dropped a line off to him. I'll let you know how I get on.

24th July 2018, 08:48
Greetings guys,

I have just received an email from Roy Currie letting me know that John has returned to live in the UK with his sister, and given me a current email address for him. I email him and see how things are with him.

Thanks for all your help

Jim H

24th July 2018, 18:54
Hello Jim,

Bringing back memories again of my time with you and John Walters on the Icenic. I was his 3rd freezer on one homeward bound trip, 12/4 watch in the fridge flat.

Perhaps you could send my best regards to him in your email.

Lucky you going to NZ this autumn, Jayne and I went on a motorhome holiday there in 2016. Had a fabulous time visiting some of the familiar places and visiting the interior. It was 40 years since she had been there when on the Laurentic (13 month trip!) with me.

I did my very last trip to NZ in 2012 on a Hamburg Sud container ship, then retired.

Enjoy your holiday.

Best regards

Peter Scovell

25th July 2018, 09:07
Greetings Peter,

Nice to hear from you again, It's good that site like this exist in helping us keep in touch over the years.

I'm really looking forward to visiting Aus and NZ later and visiting a lot of old haunts, and like you getting a chance to go inland.

The trip has been brought about partially by the death of my youngest son, Craig, and my wife, Jean last year, I now no longer say "I'm going to do that later", I'm just going to do it.

I hope you are enjoying your retirement, I know mine brought me a lot of new activities and ways to pass my time.

Warm regards

Jim H

Paul Braxton
30th July 2018, 23:43
Hi Pete. I was sparkie on "Laurentic", did 18 months on there in mid-70's, '75/'76.

Remember you as being 3/E then, with your wife, Jane.

Good days, and even better nw!

Best regards, Paul (Jim) Braxton

Frank P
31st July 2018, 08:26
Interesting stories folks, but you should not put "email addresses" in the open forum/thread as you may get loads of spam, it is better to send the address by PM...........(Thumb)

Cheers Frank

4th August 2018, 23:58
Good suggestion Frank but thankfully I have had no spam as a result - always enjoying hearing from other Shaw Savill guys - 40 years since the Company foundered and we still manage to keep in touch here or through the Shaw Savill Society in NZ/Aust or UK
Cheers Jamie
Shaw Savill Society NZ/Aust Branch