16th July 2018, 16:53
Hello from Germany

16th July 2018, 18:10
Hello from The United States. Welcome. Based on your screen name. Do you have anything to do with the history of the MS Mövensteert?

Frank P
16th July 2018, 23:05
Welcome onboard, enjoy the site.

Mfg Frank

17th July 2018, 00:48
Thank you for allowing me to join. I look forward to browsing through the many photos to see if I can find any of my old ships. I was in the Merchant Navy from Nov 1964 to Nov 1974.
I am currently trying to find out if I can get a copy of my discharge book as mine was lost in 1974. I know my number as well as my Social Security number for verification if needed. I would like to leave my grandkids something to remember me by.

17th July 2018, 08:25
Kew will have all your records

Roger Griffiths
17th July 2018, 09:04
Hello and welcome,
The National Archive at Kew will have records up until 1972.What you are looking for is your form CRS10, which effectivly is the "office copy" of your discharge book.
This will be in the series BT382. Easiest way is to give us your full name and Dis A number. One of us will then direct you to said CRS10 together with your "Seamans Pouch" which should among other things hold your MN ID Card.
Please! don't post your NI number.


Ron Crouch
17th July 2018, 19:23
Hi, I am Ron Crouch from Ontario, Canada, formerly from Sussex, UK. I was a navigating cadet on the Worcester in 1972-3 with BP Tankers. Glad to have found this site.