Say hello from John Arundell

Lofty Arundell
19th July 2018, 12:32
To anyone out therewho is aquainted and to those who were Shipmates. London Nautical School 1951 to 1954 .Masters 1965 ..Ashore from 1968 ,Townsend Ferries ,Dover 1973 to 1976.

Bob L
23rd July 2018, 19:19
John - I replied this morning but seems the msg got lost in cyber space ! Recall your time in Jeddah - think you were involved in the container side - I was Marine Ops with Jim Kane and Ray Goddard - not seen any old Jeddah hands on SN - seem to be keeping a low profile ! After Jeddah I was in Kuwait working for the Oil Minister then Sri Lanka, India, Netherlands and back to U.K. Noted the tragic death of Dave Mocket who went to Hodeidah and then Aden where his vehicle was blown up - he was a great character and always good company in our villa complex.
Are you in contact with any of the old team ? Bob Logan