Robert Hilton
22nd July 2018, 07:06
Ship research forum swamped by bogus threads in mock oriental characters. I do hope it can be dealt with soon. I can only assume it must be the work of some child whose parents or keepers have failed to provide worthwhile occupation. We have all been mischievous at times, but we were checked, or grew up, I hope.

If a remedy is found this thread will be redundant and may be expunged.

22nd July 2018, 07:11
Looks like Korean, Robert. Maybe someone's been smoking the kimchi instead of eating it ... Or, even better, chucking it in the bin. Foreign muck.

John T

Johnny Walker
22nd July 2018, 08:42
Why is it some of the threads are normal and readable and other threads (The majority) appear to be in Korean .

22nd July 2018, 09:45
'twas reported earlier.


22nd July 2018, 10:19
Not new this invasion, has happened before. Now worse than ever. This is not the work of a naughty child. However, for me it is almost enough. Quite simply too many issues with this once wonderful site. I'll keep my membership open for now as I am still hoping something may be done to rescue it. Meanwhile, for me, no more posts but I will maintain watch quietly and also, from "elsewhere".

22nd July 2018, 10:42
I posted this on another thread earlier:

Well, whoever he is, he's got a sense of humour!


Mad Landsman
22nd July 2018, 11:47
As on the last occasion, it is a Korean sales hype, hoping at least some will 'get through'
They are, as usual, trying to get punters to join a betting website to lose some money, preferably lots of money.

Admin apparently have the means to block it, if they are minded to do so.
All the local mods can do is delete the posts.

Tony Foot
30th July 2018, 00:37
How the hell do you delete the damn things?
I haven't been able to do it.

Mad Landsman
30th July 2018, 08:24
How the hell do you delete the damn things?
I haven't been able to do it.

You can't delete them. It has to be done by Admin. (MAD)