New member

3rd June 2009, 23:48
Found this site by pure chance and just can't believe my luck. What a fantastic place. Still finding my way around and enjoying every minute. I have condensed forty odd years at sea into a couple of sentences in my profile so won't repeat myself again here. Look forward to making some contributions in the future.

K urgess
4th June 2009, 00:00
Welcome aboard from northern East yorkshire, John.
Looks like an interesting CV and you'll fit right into the crew.
Find your way around our ship and prepare for the trip of your life.

4th June 2009, 00:31
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

John Rogers
4th June 2009, 01:33
Welcome John to this site,its nice to see another strong in the arm and weak in the head Bristol man posting. There is about three of us so far,again a big welcome.

Another John.

bert thompson
4th June 2009, 06:36
Welcome John to this great site
Best wishes

4th June 2009, 14:03
Greetings John and welcome to SN. Interesting CV you have given. Bon voyage.

Steve Woodward
4th June 2009, 14:31
Welcome to SN from East Yorkshire - southern sector, enjoy your time with us

4th June 2009, 14:53
Thanks everyone for the welcomes.

4th June 2009, 17:20
Greetings from El Hierro. I read your CV with interest,

Bob Sendall

4th June 2009, 18:02
Welcome onboard and enjoy the voyage

4th June 2009, 22:55
Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you will enjoy the site.