Hello from Andy Whittle (ex Bank Line)

Andy Whittle
7th June 2009, 17:38
Hello all. Have just found this great site. Have had a look through the old photos - ah those were the days. Bank Line apprentice 1967 to 1971. Moller line, Scottish Ship Management, Kuwait Sipping Co, China Nav, Swire Northern Offshore, Stirling Shipping, Seacor, JP Knight, Walvis Nigeria, Gardline and now with SBS Marine in Bay of Bengal. Best regards to anyone who knows me, only two years before retirment!
Andy Whittle

non descript
7th June 2009, 17:42
Andy, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community and thank you for your first and most interesting posting; do enjoy the site and all it has to offer, hopefully someone from Bankline will step forward with news and we very much look forward to your postings with news of this in due course. Bon Voyage (Thumb),

K urgess
7th June 2009, 17:49
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Andy.
Plenty of us Bankliners around and from your other companies.
Find your way around and have a good trip.

7th June 2009, 18:03
Greetings Andy and welcome to SN from a member in the south of England. Bon voyage.

7th June 2009, 18:15
Hi Andy, I think the last time I spoke with you was off Damman on the VHF. I was on the "Ibn Wotsit" and you were on another of the "Ibn Wotsits". I left the outfit in 1986 and bought a Pub on Dartmoor. Now retired and living in Herefordshire.........Cheers...................... ....pete

Steve Woodward
7th June 2009, 18:52
Welcome to SN from East Yorkshire, enjoy your time with us

Nick Balls
7th June 2009, 19:44
Hello Andy,
Last time I spoke to you was on the good old Vega !!! Plenty of people on this site who will remember you.

7th June 2009, 21:39
Yep, good to hear from you Andy. Hope SBS are as good as they make themselves sound in their adverts!! 4 more years for me, a mere youngster.

7th June 2009, 23:20
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

7th June 2009, 23:48
Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you will enjoy the site.

Steve P
8th June 2009, 07:21
Hello Andy

Welcome to Ship Nostalgia from Torrent engineers. Must have too much spare time on your hands, being on the east coast....


8th June 2009, 23:37
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

bert thompson
9th June 2009, 08:39
Welcome Andy. Pleased to see that old shipmates are already in contact
Best wishes

John McAuslin
25th July 2009, 11:11

Sailed with you on Strling Dee for a couple of years, as Mate. We joined her on her arrival in Aberdeen 1984 ?? and Ian Williamson was Chief Engineer.
Christening ceremony just outside the harbour, Peter Wordie, George Taylor C/Eng, Tony ?? other skipper. Davy ?? Cook. Little Davie AB, from Falmouth

Been living in Singapore for last 7 years building/commissioning semi-submersible and jack-up drilling rigs.

Did you ever get your house finished under pinning ??.


John McAuslin