10th June 2009, 09:28
Does anyone remember Edouardo?
On the West Coast of South America run, he would join the ship in Valpo in a sort of Purser role, then travel the coast with the ship. One of his main functions as I remember it was to deal with the port officials and handle the paperwork involved in the discharge.
He was a keen photographer and would always check the crew list to see if there was anyone aboard that he did'nt have a photo of. If he did'nt already have your picture you would be taken to the boatdeck for the mandatory snap.
He would be very old now if indeed he is still alive, but his photo collection would be priceless to ex Bankliners.
Edouardo was sailing on the Levernbank when she was lost off Matarani, in '73
He was one of those that came ashore in the lifeboat after she was towed out to deep water to sink. He took a fantastic set of photos of the Levernbank actually sinking - she nose-dived as I recall the pics.
I was the on the Elmbank at the time and we were the next ship up the coast after the Levern was lost. We in fact picked up the lifeboat that they had come ashore in and carried on deck to the States where it was handed over to whoever.
Anyone have knowledge of Edouardo beyond mine of the early 70's?

12th June 2009, 12:10
I was on the Elmbank in '62 when we were transitting the Magellan Straits on the run up to Valparaiso. We picked up a Chilean Navy pilot in Punta Arenas who stayed on the bridge all the way through. His name was Edouardo, a rather likeable sort of chap. Could he have retired from the Navy and taken on the job that JohnB mentioned? It is a fairly common name so it's long odds it's the same man.