10th June 2009, 15:32
Hi, Iam looking for information on the ship Port Auckland. My grandfather was the Head Chef on this ship. It used to sail out of the docks at North Woolwich, not quite sure which one, mayble Albert Docks.
I have a picture of the ship, and was hoping somebody had an information about the crew or the ship, or even any photos of the crew

10th June 2009, 15:50
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ian d.cameron
10th June 2009, 18:02
Hello Ladybird,
There where two ships of that name, do you have any more detail of the time scale or your grandfather’s name and place/date of birth

10th June 2009, 20:07
Greetings ladybird sand welcome to SN on your first posting. Bon voyage.

Steve Woodward
10th June 2009, 20:36
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10th June 2009, 23:25
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11th June 2009, 01:41
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