ins 31 laich o moray

11th June 2009, 23:03
looking for some information on this vessel as it was built by a relative at hopeman , morayshire, scotland. d main boatbuilder. also any information on this boat builder , photos ets. need as part of family tree

11th June 2009, 23:32
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11th June 2009, 23:41
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K urgess
12th June 2009, 00:04
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bert thompson
12th June 2009, 08:27
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12th June 2009, 17:11
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12th June 2009, 20:17
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29th January 2012, 12:39
Hi there
I to would like some info on Laich o Moray, my Grandfather Peter Murray was a owner/skipper of this drifter(second owner) if you managed to get any info or indeed a photo of the boat I would be very grateful. Thank You

29th January 2012, 16:50
Greetings JCM and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.