U.s.s. John F Kennedy

12th April 2004, 13:55
An impressive view of the United States Navy's aircraft carrier JOHN F. KENNEDY.

Bob S
24th July 2004, 19:59
The photo shows the JFK anchored in Stokes Bay outside Portsmouth, UK during a visit in 1976. I and my wife were lucky to obtain visitor passes to board her during her stay, a trip that my wife will not ever forget. We left Portsmouth on one of the JFK's boats and headed out into Spithead and quite a swell, on reaching JFK we had to transit a pontoon moored alongside the aircraft carrier, this pontoon was riding the swell with waves almost crossing her deck, the only assistance for getting from one side to the other was a length of rope between two posts. On reaching the otherside of the pontoon, we had to wait in turn for the swell to lift us up to the ships "ladder" where two sailors grabed each visitor in turn and hauled them onto the ladder before the pontoon fell away with the swell. You can imagine her reaction when she realised she had to get off the same way...