help with Lloyd's register

14th June 2009, 11:42
Dear All

I am trying to figure out what an entry in Lloyd's register means. Can anyone please help decipher an entry in the 1801-2 register on google books, here?,M1

I attach a capture of the row in particular I am interested in, with the name Sedeman. Most of it makes sense from the explanations at the start of the book. I think the surveying port must be Dublin. I am lost on what Meml might stand for, and whether the captain or company is (Capt. A.) Memel, or just Memel or what.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

14th June 2009, 21:15
Could Memel be the port that now (or a few years ago) was known as Kliepeda - a Lithuanian port in the Baltic?

15th June 2009, 17:13
Hi Duncan - thanks for your reply

I think this is likely... Memel = Klaipeda in my atlas

Do you think the captain is Sedeman, or what? And do you understand it to say that the ship is Prussian?

I am trying to get any kind of grasp on what this ship might have been doing. I am actually trying to figure out who Sedeman is (on a family tree hunt)



15th June 2009, 18:02
Hi Anton, I think it reads more or less like this == ELIZABETH, a Brig, Master - Sedeman, 206 - tons, single deck with beams, Built - Prussia, 5 years previously, Owned in the port of Memel, draught - 13 feet, Last survey port - Dublin, A Memel trader, Classed AI by Lloyds in 1799. There is also a similar vessel listed in 1807 == ELIZABETH, brig, Master - S.Decatt, 239 - tons, single deck with beams built - Prussia in 1785 ?. Owned - foreign, Draught - 12 feet, Last survey port - Dublin, a Dantzig trader, Classed I 1 by Lloyds in 1805. This seems to be the same vessel, details seemed to flucuate a bit from year to year in those earlier Lloyds Registers All the best, Charley.

19th June 2009, 09:28
Thank you very much Charley! That's much what I thought, although you have considerably clarified it for me. :-)

I don't know if it gets me any closer to figuring out where Sedeman may have come from, unfortunately, which is what I am really after. I suppose Memel would be most likely, although I could be jumping to conclusions.

I had a browse through some other registers on google books, looking for his name, or the same ship, but haven't found anything else.