15th June 2009, 06:41
In the early seventys after Ceramic was scrapped my last ship ,was sent to the SS Suvic another steamer. I was informed that I would be on the 3rd Engineers Watch , Biggles , real name Brian Gray? as all of the previous junior engineer needed a change. Biggles was a Kiwi from New Plymouth a real Intellegent ecentric.Had a commercial pilots licence hence the name. Outward bound to NZ it was hell, the log had to be perfect, both props had to do the same revolutions, if not he would adjust the counters by lifting one of them off. He screamed and shouted and ordered me to leave the enginroom when I managed to leave dirty finger prints on the log book. I refused to go back when soot blowing time arrived and he had to do it. After that all was sweet, we had a great time, allowed to dobey during watch and limmted soot blowing, which was hell turning clyde soot blowers in the tropics.
We had a great time on the coast and allways remember Biggles with his shorts on in the engine room and just a towell around him in the smokeroom. Has any one else have any recollection of Biggles. I did see him in the 80s while I was working for Air New Zealand, Biggles was a pilot again

15th June 2009, 14:44
Did a few trips on the Suvic as 3rd and never found it that hot blowing tubes or to warm on the plates. But if second was not happy then it was real hot.


29th January 2010, 14:02
Is this the same Tom Sparrow that was on the Southern Cross when laid up on the river Fal.

10th February 2010, 23:21
yes it is me, spent our time fixing up the generators so the greeks could set sail, enjoyed the trip to the pub each night TOM