Union Castle

Rose de Jager
15th June 2009, 07:38
Hi, this is my first posting - decided to google HMS Gypsy as my dad's people were all Harwich folk, and I came by a silver bowl engraved "HMS Gypsy 25.7.36" given to me by my late Aunt Cissie Collyer (Warner). Have always had an inherent love of ships which began when I was 5 years old and we sailed from Cape Town to Southampton on the Arundel Castle. After that, we sailed to and fro every other year on Unior Castle Lines (Caernarvon Castle was another one I remember..... this was in or during 1957!) on holiday to England from where we lived in whats now called Zambia, but was then the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Phew! thats going back some!).

My dad always took us to stay in Harwich, and the last time I was there was a couple of years ago..... it was still magical, the old church where my auntie was married (I was fascinated always by the preserved bomb in the glass case) and tales of the pirates and underground tunnels and bolts of French lace and casks of brandy..... My Uncle Alf lived opposite a pub in a tall house made of wattle gum poles, which apparently had withstood a terrible flood which happened when my dad was just a boy. A few doors down was the house where the Captain of the Mayflower once lived. My grandfather Charlie ran off to sea and went to Norway apparently when he was quite young...... so in spite of being born and spending all my life in Central and Southern Africa, there is definitely the salty sea still running in my veins!

15th June 2009, 10:42
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

bert thompson
15th June 2009, 11:30
Welcome to this wonderful site
Best wishes

K urgess
15th June 2009, 11:35
Welcome to the crew, Rose.
Now you've signed on you'll find plenty of saltwater but beware, it's very addictive.
Enjoy the voyage.

fred henderson
15th June 2009, 11:54
A warm welcome Rose. I hope that you find your membership interesting and rewarding.

Fred (Thumb)

15th June 2009, 14:38
Welcome aboard Rose enjoy the trip.


15th June 2009, 15:50
Greetings Rose and a warm welcome to SN on your first interesting posting. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

15th June 2009, 18:02
Hello Rose,

That was an interesting post, welcome from the El Hierro and enjoy the site,

Bob Sendall

Derek Roger
15th June 2009, 20:11
Welcome from Canada Rose .
I also sailed as passenger while still a child on the Union Castle ships in 1947 and 1948 and later in 1953 when our family emigrated to Scotland ( my fathers birthplace ) .
Regards Derek