Kruzenshtern damaged during tall ships TSAC race in Bermuda to Charleston sector

22nd June 2009, 20:20
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Charleston, SC - The first of many tall ships headed to Charleston is expected to arrive in the harbor tomorrow morning following a rough passage from Bermuda which left the ship missing the top portion of one mast. The four-masted ship, measuring 376 feet overall, is the second largest tall ship in the world and visiting Charleston for the first time. According to email reports from the captain, the ship encountered a severe thunderstorm during the sail from Bermuda to Charleston which snapped the ships foremast. ....cont/....

22nd June 2009, 20:29
Another media company have a close up photo of the damage done to the ship's mast...

Jeff. J.
25th June 2009, 10:06
Hi shamrock
Thanks for posting the link, it's a great pic.
Cheers from Aussie