Peter Martin
24th June 2009, 16:41
Come on chaps! I know that as a breed we're dying out but I can't believe that nobody has had anything to say for the last few months!
Please prove me wrong lest I am tempted to fall on my own sword.

Roger Turner
1st July 2009, 00:29
Ex - stincked
As far as I know flying pigs are!
Squit - cleaning the car yesterday, was just reflecting on a nautical term I learned for seagull effluent, would flying pigs be porquit?
Apropos of nothing somebody would come out with a phrase like
"What we want is longer ships and shorter trips", suppose it was anything for a laugh!
Roger Turner ( missing the coast, at least the cameraderie)

Peter (Pat) Baker
6th July 2009, 13:31
"Somebody tief de breeze from me wheel" (I had a flat tyre).

Peter (Pat) Baker
Ex Palm Line