12th April 2004, 15:27
The TILAPA (1928) is seen above arriving in Avonmouth on December 30th 1945 when she brought back the first consignment of bananas to Britain after the war.

Alice B
23rd June 2015, 22:48
My grandad built a house on Anglesey in 1959/1960, using fittings salvaged from a ship being broken up in Liverpool. I never know much about the ship, although the house was known locally as the 'banana boat house'. I found out recently that it was the SS Tilapa, and have read a bit about Tilapa's amazing history. The things that he salvaged- a lot of teak cladding, dark wood cupboards, heavy doors made me think as a child that they'd been breaking up a luxury cruise ship, but I'd love to know what she was like from people who've worked on the SS Tilapa, or maybe even have photos. Thanks

John Rogers
24th June 2015, 00:01
I still remember the event as I was living in Avonmouth at the time. Many a Banana came out of the dock gate that day under the Dockers shirt.