Latin American Submariners

27th June 2009, 04:24
My career has spanned 30 years in the argentine industry, specialized in TI projects and IT security as Senior Security Official during the last five years. My hobbies are ships (specially warships, submarines) and trains (HO scale). I'm 57 years old, married, one song of 25, engineer and modelist too, I am living in Buenos Aires and I expect to work in active duties of my profession until 60. Then I expect to do docency at the University and travel a lot. I belong to a community of latin american submariners (i'm not a submarine professional) - I expect to interchange knowledges and experiences with other people.

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27th June 2009, 07:30
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27th June 2009, 12:22
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27th June 2009, 13:44
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27th June 2009, 16:35
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