Crunch time for box lines

2nd July 2009, 14:23
As Christmas trading starts to loom on the horizon, this is the time of year for the big shippers to get their goods across the world by sea and into the shops...

Alistair Macnab
2nd July 2009, 15:38
With the scrapping of 'older' box ships, even some in the 4000-6000 teu classes, box operators are hoping to retrench from their previous 'over exhuberance' at building to kill the Golden Goose that came with containerization. What about the thought that containerization has a natural ceiling and that it has already been reached (or over-reached, for that matter)? The retrenchment of world trade especially in consumer goods will keep this year's 'Christmas rush' down to very disappointing levels and largely serve only to push out of business those marginal players.