Independence leaves Mobile for sea trials over Independence Day weekend

2nd July 2009, 21:16
This is one strange looking ship.....

kewl dude
2nd July 2009, 22:57
Attached collage of four pictures of the first ship of this series USS Freedom.

These pictures were posted on the website:

Pictures taken October 2008 by shipping news webmaster Ken Knewham: top October 27 while arriving in my home town of Duluth Minnesota. As far inland as you can get on the St Lawrence Seaway. Top Left Duluth Pier, top right the building they are aiming for is the Convention Center alongside which Freedom was berthed for open house over the weekend. Bottom pictures taken October 31 while leaving.

Bottom left Duluth based oceanographic research vessel Blue Heron leads Freedom, bottom right, putting the go pedal to the metal.

Freedom was built at a Great Lakes shipyard and had its sea trial on Lake Michigan. Then it toured the lakes and seaway ultimately reaching the sea and its home port.

Those "holes" in the hull side are smudges from LST type engine exhaust gas outlets.

Greg Hayden

3rd July 2009, 07:40
These are future of lattoral welfare, and have yet to be proven an assit to the US Navy. With the US Coast Guard having to fill the gap's because of the Perry class being decomissioned and scrapped and or sold to foreign customers. It's really too bad that the US Coast Guard is paying the price for the gap with there Hamilton Class ships showing there age with cracks developing in the hulls/superstructures. It will not be long before the US Coast Guard will have to rebuild these cutters again just to keep up with the operational tempo.


7th July 2009, 19:33
Here is the link for the sea trails.