BENHOPE Built 1978

7th July 2009, 14:41

This vessel is still sailing the oceans and is one of the very last Doxford engines at sea.

Sorry to be mysterious, but I am looking to contact deck officers who may have sailed on her. If you did could you please Private Message me where I will explain more.

Brendan Cuffe

non descript
7th July 2009, 15:41
Ummm Frankly it is amazing that she is still afloat, the present Owners are Polembros, and her ex-names are Atlanticway, China Progress, Benhope.

Jim Mclaughlin
7th July 2009, 16:16
Sorry not deck officer but JOS ON HER IN 1978 HAVE PHOTOS OF HER ON MY PAGE

8th July 2009, 15:05
Hi Brendan,

I was on her and have sent you a PM.


9th September 2009, 18:09

I haven't logged on to the site for a while and picked up your message about the Benhope. I sailed on her as third mate from April - August 1984. You can contact me if you need any information.