blue star management pension

southern cross
7th July 2009, 21:02
Hi guys

This is a foggy subject with me, anyone know who's looking after the blue star pension fund ?, as Iv'e moved house a few times, got divorced; moved again lost lots of papers and Im getting to that age when things are starting to dawn on me, who's looking after all those contributions? just in case I live long enough,hope someone can help.

as the man said if your not living on the edge your taking up to much space.

8th July 2009, 20:44
Hi Southern Cross,

I have copied this address from a log book entry on Fraser Darrah excellent Blue Star website, have a look you might find a few names and ships you remember

Western United Group Pension Scheme
16 St. John's Lane
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7490 3200
Fax:+44 (0) 20 7250 3159



southern cross
9th July 2009, 19:14
Hi Niggle

yes a bout of craft on my part, i'm even on his mailing list but thats very handy information,I can only lookforwad to endless phone calls a emails
I was also onto the LGPS and they gave me an address in leatherhead? they are going to post it to me so i've not got all the details yet,
yes frazer's site; starboats I have loved and hated (74-86) I've still got all my old gangmags with the crew lists. lists no faces craft again!
thanks once again.