Brambleleaf also on the move

8th July 2009, 18:28
to Victory Jetty on 9th July. Then where ?

8th July 2009, 20:48
I believe they're just shuffling them around for Fort Austin to lay-up.

15th July 2009, 22:05
Fort Austin was moved into No 3 Basin today

16th July 2009, 19:19
they could have shuffled within the basin there is enough space.

16th August 2009, 18:08
Heard a buzz that Brambleleaf is away on Tuesday. Don't know anymore than that. Does anyone else have more information?

17th August 2009, 13:20
She is being towed out by tug MT 17 at 1530 tomorrow, Tuesday.
Don't know where to.

stevo r6 86
17th August 2009, 13:29
hi people first post on here and yep brambleleaf on the move she is leaving msj (middle slip jetty tomorrow with two tugs, multra tug 17 and multra tug 7 dunno where its of too condition is not bad they have left all the ariels and communication stuff onboard but pennant number blanked i will try and get more info as of where its going as my dad is currently in the rfa and currently on sister ship bayleaf. i got my info of qhm portsmouth gives all the naval and commercial movements cheers

17th August 2009, 16:44
I wonder if she is on her way to Able, there is supposed to be another "MOD" vessel coming before the Dock Cofferdam is finally closed. Never heard anything, just a bit of speculation on my part.

17th August 2009, 16:45
Rumours suggest Liverpool, now that Intrepid has been demolished and or possibly up to the north east to join the collection of rusting hulks. Imagine Grey Rover and Sir Percivale will follow shortly.

17th August 2009, 17:29
She's towed to Van Heyghen Recycling in Ghent-Belgium.

stevo r6 86
18th August 2009, 10:11
well out of my bedroom balcony i can see that the two tugs have arrived and are alongside brambleleaf.

22nd August 2009, 09:20
Brambleleaf has gone to the breakers...(report dated 19 August 2009)

A ship that faced danger in the Falklands war has left Portsmouth for the breaker's yard.

With the green light from the Environment Agency, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Brambleleaf was towed out of the harbour yesterday afternoon.

The 40,870 tonne support tanker was commissioned in February 1980 and has recently been docked in Portsmouth.

But she made her name in the freezing waters of the South Atlantic as she supplied warships on the frontline.

The 171-metre vessel, now bound for Belgium, replenished ships with fuel as they battled Argentina's forces.

Spotters gathered at Portsmouth's Round Tower yesterday afternoon to remember her important role.


stevo r6 86
22nd August 2009, 12:54
shame the mod didnt make any attempt to strip her down of things it still had lifeboats and rings on lol

22nd August 2009, 20:34
And no doubt her bell will be auctioned off to the highest bidder as was Grey Rover's recently. (Heritage? What's that?)
Canada Dock is the next place to expect an arrival.