Winterport man restoring historic 102 year old tugboat 'Saturn'

9th July 2009, 20:00
A piece of history is being restored to its original glory in Brewer.

The railroad tug "Saturn" is one of only a handful of its kind left in the world.

And as Amy Erickson tells us, a man from Winterport has his hands full giving it a makeover.

<"it's a labor of love. you've gotta be foolish to do this."

Foolish or not, Jon Johansen's not giving up on his prized posession.

Back in 2002, he purchased this historic tug, called "saturn," from Maine Maritime Academy.

At 102 years old, she has quite a history.


29th July 2009, 23:41
Fascinating clip...Sad to hear that he is doing all the work himself though.I would have thought schoolkids on their holidays would relish the chance to help..or is H&S the barrier? Thanks for listing the link.