Ship collision averted at Alang

10th July 2009, 08:30
Seems it's getting rather overcrowded at the anchorages...

BHAVNAGAR: A major mishap was averted as two ships just missed colliding while anchoring at Alang ship-breaking yard on Tuesday. Hundreds of
ships from across the world have reached Alang for breaking as the beaching season has set in.

Observed during monsoon, when the sea is too rough for sailing, it saw 160 ships owned by Saurashtra and Kutch merchants return to Gujarat coast. According to Salaya Sailing Vessels Owners Association, they include 133 in Jamsalaya, 12 in Porbandar and 15 in Mandvi.

"There are three to four ships on their way to Jamsalaya which are expected to anchor within five days. Ships from Kutch and Saurashtra mostly sail to Dubai, Sharjah, Yemen and Somalia throughout the year. They return to Alang for beaching season. This is also the marriage season for sailors as they get a long vacation to spend time with family," said an association member. The beaching season ends in August. In this period, ship owners look after overhauling of vessels too.