H.M.S. Myngs

10th July 2009, 21:07
hello... i need some help.. i work voluntary for oxfam in west wickham,kent..(Thumb) i have a photograph on a piece of cardboard( someone nicely glued it to the board) its a photograph of ship's company H.M.S. Myngs. march 17th 1915 (139th day of war). i need to know if its worth anything or is there someone who would know about this ship./crew. my manager was all for putting it on sale for 5 ,and i quickly took it away.(lol) being a family history person i know it would be of much value to some-one in the know. so i need some help here.. if the photograph wasn't stuck to the cardboard i could scan it in ..seems its been part of a picture from a frame.. the photograph ws taken by thomas humphries 237.fawcett road,southsea. so presumably the photo was taken at portsmouth..any advise appreciated. am willing to sell.all money goes to oxfam...thankyou wendy mortimer

K urgess
10th July 2009, 21:17
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Wendy.
HMS Myngs was commissioned in February 1915. Built by Palmers' Shipbuilders at Jarrow on the Tyne. She was a destroyer sold in 1921 and broken up at Rainham.
I'm sure someone else in the crew will be along with more details.
Meanwhile find your way around the ship and have a good voyage.

10th July 2009, 21:22
many thanks for replying..so have you any idea how i go about getting the value of this photograph? me i would rather give it away ,to the right person.. but my mangeress..would like the value... i know not a thing about shipping..

K urgess
10th July 2009, 21:25
Very difficult to judge a value, Wendy.
Maybe someone in our crew who collects such pictures may be able to help.

10th July 2009, 21:33
I suggest your best bet is to put it on eBay with a minimum price of a fiver if that is what you were going to offer it for - then you can't lose anything but the setup cost.

Marconi Sahib says, it is very difficult to estimate a price for this type of photo as it would only really be of interest to a collector or a member of the family of someone on board. Price will also depend on the condition and clarity of the photo.

If you want to post the photo it is easy to take a photo of it using a digital camera and post that instead of scanning it.

Good luck anyway - as an Oxfam subscriber I hope you get as much as possible for it.

10th July 2009, 22:07

One thing you may want to try before eBay, which I agree is a good option (the right photo, clear and good quality, could attract the attention of Royal Navy collectors), is to contact the HMS Myngs Association. I'm guessing that the association would be mainly for ex serving members of the subsequent HMS Myngs, also a destroyer, which was built 1944 and sold to Egypt c1956 but I imagine that it would still be of interest to them and they might be willing to pay for it:

HMS Myngs Association
Contact: Len Bruce, 4 Copthorne Gardens, Bradley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. HD2 1RH

I got the above from Google but hopefully it's still current.


10th July 2009, 22:17
As has already been said Wendy this type of photo is only worth what somebody is preapared to pay for it. I am sure a collector would be happy to pay a fiver for it but the collection of such photos is probably a very specialised field and such collectors would tend to be somewhat thin on the ground. Whilst I accept it was donated to raise funds for a good cause, I would suggest a good starting point would be to have a word with the Royal Navy Museum at Portsmouth - their phone number is on the web and they might like to obtain it for their own archives and would hopefully be prepared to make a donation to enable them to do so.

11th July 2009, 01:51
Welcome to SN and enjoy the voyage

bert thompson
11th July 2009, 08:18
Wendy welcome. Hope you soon find a home for your picture
Best wishes