Hi from Australis dj

11th July 2009, 17:07
As my user suggests, I had the privilege of working on SS Australis as a DJ back in 1977 (June-Dec) and was on her last run from Southampton, flying home from Auckland and getting home the day before Xmas eve. Loads of happy memories of that beautiful ship and I was over the moon to find so many superb pics of her on this brilliant site.

Also worked on Romanza and Amerikanis in '78 and '79/80 respectively and the Prinz Hamlet ferry on the Harwich -Hamburg run also in '78, and did a short stint on the MS Wappen Von Hamburg while she was moored as a Nightclub/restaurant in St Pauli.

Have to say this site looks like a place I could be wasting a lot of time on in the coming months, look forward to chatting to you good people and enjoying all the good stuff that's here.


11th July 2009, 17:17
Greetings Adj and a warm welcome to SN from the south of England on your first posting. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

K urgess
11th July 2009, 17:28
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Adj.
Find your way around the ship and have a good voyage.

11th July 2009, 17:52
Welcome from Lancashire – I hope you will enjoy the site

11th July 2009, 18:16
A very warm welcome from another fellow dj on the (sunny) Isle of Anglesey.

bert thompson
11th July 2009, 22:09
Adj welcome to this great site
Best wishes

12th July 2009, 10:14
Thanks for the warm welcome messages folks, much appreciated,