Tall ship 'Larinda' sinking case going to court in March 2010

14th July 2009, 11:17
BRIDGEWATER The former owners of the tall ship Larinda and the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust are going to trial early next year, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.

Lawyers for both sides determined last month that they cannot come to an agreement and the case must go to trial. A civil trial will be held for five days next March.

Wolverine Motor Works Shipyard LLC of Reading, Mass., is suing the trust, claiming it failed to properly secure the decommissioned corvette Sackville on the Halifax waterfront during hurricane Juan, and because of that, the Sackville hit the Larinda and sank the tall ship.

Wolverine claims the Larinda was worth US$815,000 and it wants that money back, along with the C$110,000 it cost to raise the ship, which it sold as is to Queensland businessman Arthur Scott in November 2003 for $28,888.88.