Ocean Village what next ?

john g
14th July 2009, 14:59
Ocean Village 2 goes down under for next year OV 1 continues in the med for 2010 then goes down under..........anyone any idea what the replacements may be?

14th July 2009, 15:03
None at the moment, although CCL have hinted they could bring the OV name back one day, nothing has, as yet, been confirmed.

Most get the feeling that those who were regulars on OV will drift across to Thomson (Island Escape) for their casual cruise fix, or perhaps P&O Ventura.

Jim McFaul
14th July 2009, 16:53
What is the reason behind closing down the Ocean Village brand name? The concept seemed to appeal to those who liked a laid back cruise without the glitz and glamour and on the face of it seemed successful enough to bring in a second vessel. Has it not taken off or has the economic turn down reduced the bookings from this market segment and better returns can be made elsewhere? Jim.

14th July 2009, 17:15
CCL decided it wasn't paying it's way. They have the German brand AIDA that started the ultra-casual cruising mode off and that is doing very well, OV was the British variant on that theme and despite the idea going down very well with British cruisers, CCL in Miami have decided to chop off its nose to spite its face and alienate a fairly hefty percentage of its customer base by shutting OV down.

The cynical ones amongst the cruise fraternity are of the opinion that since P&O Ventura initially flopped so brilliantly, they have to make up the pennies some how. The anytime type non traditional dining available on Ventura was introduced at around the time that CCL decided to give OV the order of the boot and send the ships down under where cruising is taking off in leaps and bounds.

Basically, as in all things, it's down to where the money is coming in best.

15th July 2009, 00:06
When I worked for P&O, when you were based in Australia, you knew the ship was heading for the scrap heap. That was the early days of full time cruising as we now know it, but the trend seems to be similar with ships having seen better days being based there.

Also, crew hated Australian cruising because Aussies and Kiwis do not tip. And officers are not too keen either. Last year aboard Aurora, Captain Ian Hutley said he was being sent to Ocean Village 1. He said he hoped that by the time she was based in Australia, that he would be moved on again.


15th July 2009, 00:26
I'm booked on OV2 for next month.
Week in Crete then Greece and Turkey.

I'd prefer to be on a tanker or a tramp.

john g
17th July 2009, 21:01
My son did the OV2 recently for a week , (fully booked ), and had a great time. We have done OV 1 in the Med and Caribbean both great times also done a good few P&O, the strange thing is the the P&O regulars sort of look down on the OV's because of course you don't get the "Portunis Points" but are they stuck in a time warp?. I think the OV will be missed because the only alternative will be the "glass barges" which are characterless and basically after your hard earned cash. There is without doubt a slot for quality,British style casual cruising but our American friends know best.......maybe ?

20th July 2009, 14:08
AIDA have four brand new sisters, AIDAdiva, AIDAbella, AIDAluna and soon to join them AIDAblu.

They are ultra casual & ultra luxury but without the ultra price tag to go with it, extremely popular in Germany and I would not be at all surprised if CCL (their overall parent) do not start marketing their cruises/ships further afield than just Germany once OV is gone.

AIDAdiva's interior photo's are on this link, she is stunning...