Stability returning to vehicle carriers sector

16th July 2009, 14:38
OCEAN carriers specialising in the transportation of vehicles were left reeling at the start of the year when new car sales came to an abrupt halt as the fall-out from the banking crisis spread into the wider economy and consumer spending plummeted.

The motor industry was one of the biggest casualties of the worst recession since the 1930s, and operators of pure car and truck carriers saw volumes plunge by as much as 50% at the start of the year as buyers disappeared from the showrooms and some of the world’s biggest manufacturers teetered on the brink of collapse before government intervention.


Alistair Macnab
16th July 2009, 15:18
We found ro-ro auto-carriers in Houston were loading previously delivered new vehicles for taking them away from local inventory and presumably placing them elsewhere where there was a better market. This reverse ro-ro business kept a few of the ships moving! Glad to hear that some stability is beginning to return to this sector.
Its always smart to look at the entire ocean shipping sectors - containers, ro-ro, dry bulks, crude oil and liquid chemicals to get a true picture of current international trade. Too many predictions and prognostications are based solely on the health, or lack of health, in the container business.

17th July 2009, 19:16
A couple of months ago I was on holiday in Falmouth and went on a river Fal boat cruise. It was sad to see a number of Ugland car ferrires laid up there. According to the boat skipper most of them are going for scrap in the near future.