The Virgin meets 'La Correíllo La Palma' in Santa Cruz

16th July 2009, 14:46
For the second year La Correíllo La Palma is taking part in today's celebrations of the Launching of the Virgin in Santa Cruz port.

The traditional procession will start after a religious service in Nuestra Señora de la Concepción in Santa Cruz at 18.00h. The Virgin will be taken and launched from the muelle de Ribera and, depending on maritime traffic, will arrive at the North port (last Jet Foil point) at around 21.00h. to stop alongside the Palma de Correíllo where La Fundación Correíllo La Palma will offer a floral tribute and Canary singer Chago Melián will dedicate her version of Ave María to the patroness of fishermen. To finish off the festival, there will be a giant fireworks display.

La Correíllo La Palma is the only ship left in Spain that is representative of the ship building principles of the 20th century. She was abandoned in April,1912 by the Compañía de Vapores Correos Interinsulares Canarios, a subsidiary of the English shipping company Elder & Dempster.

Her restoration is still in the first of two phases, and since she was re-launched after having been in dry dock in a Tenerife shipyard for 22 years, she has become a focal point of cultural heritage for the Canaries as a key piece of history, having been built in the era of a rapidly expanding commercial industry when foreign immigrants were starting to settle in the island.

To find out more you can go to an interactive web page ( which will tell you more about this important restoration.