Anyone seen these ships?

13th September 2005, 17:33
During my rather short career (5 yrs) as mate I've sailed on six ships, and am wondering if some are still with us today. Does anyone know?

-'Aludra', type general cargo 9845 GT, built 1974 Warnoweft in Warnemunde, DDR. Then owned by van Nievelt Goudriaan & Co of Rotterdam. Sold to Greece as 'Achilleus' in the early eighties as I recall.

-'Alphacca' and 'Aldabi', Dutch flag, type general cargo 10200 GT, both built 1977-78 van der Giessen de Noord in Krimpen a/d IJssel NL, owners also van Nievelt Goudriaan, Rotterdam. Sold to foreign interests in the late eighties I believe.

-'Diana IV', ex 'Ate', Panamanian flag, before that 'Anilil' (?) Danish registry. Type geared coaster, I forgot the exact tonnage. Built 1966 in Fredrikshavn, Denmark. Owned by Van Zandvoort Shipping pvba from Antwerp in the mid eighties.

-'Esdoorn', ex 'Esbeek', Dutch flag, type minibulker 3000 tons DWT, before that Danish Registry, built van Diepen in Waterhuizen, NL. Operated by Vinke Rotterdam in the mid eighties. Last seen as 'Mago' or 'Maco'.

-'Patricia ZS', ex 'Patricia', Cypriot flag, before that Danish registry. Type geared coaster, approx 1200 tons DWT, built in the seventies in Denmark. Owned by Zandvoort Shipping in the mid eightes. Last spotted Miami river in the late nineties.

8th October 2005, 16:29
ALUDRA was scrapped beginning 90si thin as ACHILLEUS.ALPHACCA i think scrapped beginning 2000 as SUNFLOWER I and ALDABI result in service in 2003 as NAMIBIA.

8th October 2005, 19:19
Here is the first one, I will later on look for the others,'cause it's now "soccertime"
England will hope that we'll[Holland] beat the Czech's, and me too.(*))

IMO nr.:7600823
Company:"Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co Rotterdam"
Wharf:"v.d. Giessen - de Noord Alblasserdam (909)"
Call Sign:PCJB
L.o.a. x br. x d:143,06x21,21x12,76
Eng::4T 6 cil. Stork-Werkspoor (620x660)
Power:9.500 rpk
"288 TEU
Launched as ALDABI*.
In 1986 to Greece as LAMDA.
In 1987 to Cyprus as EASTERN MERCHANT.
In 1989 to Norway as NORTWEEN MERCHANT.
In 1992 to Bahama's as SECIL NAMIBIA.
In 1999 NAMIBIA.
In 2004 reg.."
Here as NAMIBIA,still sailing around.
Name: Namibia IMO No: 7600823
Ex: Secil Namibia Built: 5/1977
Type: General Cargo Status: In Service
SubType: Flag: Bahamas
DWT: 14,746 Draft: 9.49 Builder: Van Der Giessen
GT: 10,204 LOA: 143.06 Owner: Secil Maritima
NT: Beam: 21.20 Speed/Cons: 14.50/25.00
Class: LR Depth: 12.76 Engine Type: SWD
Decks: 3

9th October 2005, 09:55

Here the ESDOORN, lately as MAGO, and still sailing as AL TAWFIK (

as MAGO ( (
Name: Al Tawfik IMO No: 7396616
Ex: Mago Built: 1975
Type: General Cargo Status: In Service
SubType: Flag: Georgia
DWT: 3,009 Draft: 6.05 Builder: Van Diepen
GT: 1,581 LOA: 83.47 Owner: Syria Interests
NT: Beam: 14.13 Speed/Cons: 12.50/6.50
Class: LR Depth: 6.15 Engine Type: Krupp MAK
Decks: 1 Bale: 3,463 (

david smith
9th October 2005, 11:02
Diana IV has been found!

Now sailing as "Peter", Honduras flag imo 6703367

Ex Aska I - '04, Guard -03, Holy Cross -'00, Prudent -'96, Costas -'92, Junior D -'90, Louisianna -'89, Vespa Tre -'88, Diana IV -'85, Fortuna -'83, Ate -'80, Annilil - '79, Wedellsborg Castle -'70

Built 1966, 400 grt, 238 net, 1026 dwt
In March 1980 Sailing between Felixstowe and North Africa under the Dutch flag as Ate
In February 1990 sailing between Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam under the St Vincent & Grenadines flag as Junior D

david smith
9th October 2005, 11:24
Patricia ZS (Cyprus flag) renamed Patricia Star (Danish flag) in 1990

In Jan 1990 sailed from Salvador to Hampton Roads

Built 1974 499 grt, 325 net, 1290 dwt

9th October 2005, 12:59
Name:PETER 08-11-2004 LRF
Ex Name[s]:
AKSA I 24-03-2003 LRF
GUARD 13-06-2000 LRF
HOLY CROSS 12-05-2000 LRF
IMO number: 6703367
Call Sign: HQSX4 Gross tonnage: 870
Type of ship: General Cargo Ship Year of build: 1966
Flag: Honduras Status of ship: In Service
Registered owner: TOPA SHIPPING Address: 79-81, Filonos Street, Piraeus GREECE
Ship manager: ZARA SHPG & TRDG SA Address: 79-81, Filonos Street, Piraeus GREECE
Last update: 31-05-2005
Launched as WEDELLSBORG CASTLE, flag Denmark
Wharf:Frederikshavn Vaerft Frederikshavn (267)
LOA x B x D: 59,34x10,62x6,00
Eng:2TE 8 cil. B & W-Alpha(240x400) 680 rpk
In 1970 ANNILIL.
In 1980 to the Netherlands as ATE.
In 1983 FORTUNA.
In 1983 DIANA IV,flag Panama
In 1985 VESPA TRE, flag Malta.
In 1989 JUNIOR D.
In 1990 COSTAS.
In 1995 PRUDENT.

9th October 2005, 13:19

Call Sign:PCOB
Company:"Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co Rotterdam" Wharf:"Warnow Werft Warnemünde (383)" BRT:9.844
LOA x B x D:152,76x20,40x11,92
Eng:2TE 8 cil. MAN (700x1200)11.200 rpk Speed:18
Launched as ALUDRA*.
In 1983 to Libanon as ACHILLEUS.
In 1990 to China as JI LIN.
In 1999 AKRON, Singapore vlag.
In 1999 for demolishing to China."

peter barc
14th November 2005, 18:48
In the mid 80s "Patricia ZS" was on a time charter for a Dutch firm SANARA of Rdam, she mainly ran in winter time with patatoes to Algeria and stone and timber from portugal to Holland and vica versa, Zandvoort was running about 4 of these type ships (ex Mercandian i think) one was "Charlotte, "Adriatic" and I cant remember the others, but were very smart looking ships..

20th August 2007, 22:19
Thanks for those details guys. Copied it all; bit of personal history completed. Sorry I took so long,

Cheers, Erik.

27th August 2014, 11:35
I was sailing on this ship at the end of the 80tisch till half 90tisch.
In 1989 the ship was chartered by Nievelt Goudriaan and was send on a line between south and North America. Port where Asuncion Paraguay, Buenos-Aires Argentine, lots of ports in Brazil like Santos, Porto Alegre, Natal, Fortaleza, and many more. The ship was sold some ware in 1990 to a Swedish Company Hasting Shipping from Malmö. Bud it was still sailing the same line, bud no more for Nievelt Goudriaan bud for their own account together with Compania Maritima Paraguay. The Patricia was sold in 1993 to a Colombian company and was later arrested near Miami with 5 tons of cocaine on board under the name of Sea Chariot. In 1994 the ship was renamed to Patricia Star until 1997 When the name became Sara Express and in 1998 the ship was renamed to La Flecha and is still sailing under that name in the Caribean. All the loading gear has been removed.
Gr W v L

27th August 2014, 14:57
Greetings woutvl and welcome to SN. Bonvoyage.