who is who?

13th September 2005, 22:21
I came accross a site concerning Cunard fleet and I became a little confused

I f you check
you will see two pictures of the 2nd Andria, however it seems to me that it is not the same vessel,
the same applies for the fourth Andania at

Can someone help clarify which of the pictured ships are the actual Andria and Andania?

To make things more confusing that site has mixed the stories of the 1948-built Arabian with the one of the 1955-built Castillian which was chartered by Cunard and named Arabian.

13th September 2005, 23:02
I purchased their CD and discovered that many of the ships they had pictures of with which I was familiar were totally incorrect. You can also see these on their website. One example is their picture of Saxonia 3 (later Mahronda) is actually a picture of "American Harvester" which has clearly been digitally modified to change the name and the funnel. They even show a picture of the old Mahronda which I think was correct but they claim that she became the Saxonia when in fact it was the other way around. Of Saxonia's three sister ships - Ivernia, Media and Parthia the only one they got right was the Parthia. They also show a picture of Atlantic Conveyor with a red funnel and greyish hull when, as far as I know, she always had a white funnel and black hull. The name of the ship has obviously been digitally superimposed on the stern.

As a result of my experience with only a few ships shown on the site, I don't think you can believe a lot of their information. :confused:

Ray Charlton

14th September 2005, 11:10
Now don't that just show what a great site we have here? (unless it concerns "hard" ball sports) ... LOL

14th September 2005, 12:57
The pic of ANDANIA in a drydock I cannot understand as it is a Port Line ship,possibly PORT NEW PLYMOUTH or NICHOLSON type which as far as I know were never renamed.Certainly it is not the Wm Hamilton ANDANIA.
The vessel below is an Ellerman Lines ship and where that comes into the story I do not know!
In the Cunard Forum I posted a Mike Campbell shot of the Wm Hamilton ANDANIA taken at Greenock.

14th September 2005, 20:24
Thanks for the tip on this #:(!!site, the more I browsed it the more I was confused

15th September 2005, 09:26
I have had a look at the Andania 4 and It looks like Falmouth Dry Dock to me, and a Port Boat that has had it's name "digitally enhanced". It certainly doen't look like any of the Fruit Boats I sailed on. The Andria (2)/Australia Freezer is much nearer the mark. I shall have a look at my photos when I get home.

I also browsed the other Photos and The Atlantic Conveyor seems to have gone through some changes in her time too! I don't think She was ever HMS though.

All in all, it does emphasise the quality of this site.