bankline shipmates

19th July 2009, 23:39
Hi all,
since i joined SN I have chatted with lots of ex bankline chaps who sailed in the company,but have not actually met up with anybody that was on the same ship.
here is a list of ships and dates,I wonder if there is anybody out there who actually sailed with me.
Maplebank 25/8/52--28/1/54...
Etivebank 23/2/54----17/3/55
Clydebank 4/4/55----6/8/56
Eastbank 7/8/56----2/11/56
Isipingo 16/9/57----8/6/59
Fleetbank 10/6/59---13/7/59
Ettrickbank 15/12/59---19/12/61
Forresbank 29/5/62--19/1263
Taybank 14/8/64/12/1/66


Andy Lavies
20th July 2009, 19:48
Hi Jim,
Probably waved to you - I was in Inchanga while you were in Isipingo.

K urgess
20th July 2009, 19:54
Sorry, Jim.
Your last Bankboat was 6 months before I first went to sea. (Sad)

There's hope though.
Three of the six old crewmates I've met through SN were Bankline. (Thumb)

Hamish Mackintosh
20th July 2009, 21:23
Payed off the "Ivybank" 1952,my one and only banker

Alan Rawlinson
21st July 2009, 07:09
Hi Jim,

Think I might have followed you into the EASTBANK around that time in 56 -Did you leave her there? Joined her as second mate in Surrey Docks - Capt Barry Mitchell - Mate John Hawkes - Great 8 month trip.

21st July 2009, 07:36
Hi Alan,
joined the Eastbank in Durban as temp 3/0 after completing indentures payed off in rotterdam ,master mendus.