Sand Swift

20th July 2009, 10:14
Hi there,

I was a Cook Steward on the Sand Swift 1979 - 1980.

Does anyone know what happened to the Swift? Great to hear that the Weaver and the Serin are still on the go.


20th July 2009, 10:35
Hi Sandboatgirl. I cant help you with news on the swift. However I am sure someone will be along with the information you seek soon.
Did a bit on the sandboats myself with the Martin and the Star but that was back in 62/3

20th July 2009, 12:02
Sandboatgirl, I seem to have lost your post re the female engineer on the Sand Serin and my reply. To your question, the girl was Sue North and I knew her well prior to her going to sea. She had a fascinating life prior to that. I also knew her husband, Pete North who was a Littlehampton Pilot before transferring to the Essex Rivers with Trinity House. I lost contact with her many years ago but last heard she had remarried and was happily farming chickens somewhere in the South West.

20th July 2009, 12:15
Thanks for that Duquesa. I am amazed that I have found someone who knew Sue.


20th July 2009, 12:31
Knew her and her 'then' hubby very well and had some great times with them.
She was the engineer on the 'All Female" expedition to the Atrato Swamp in Venezuela. Some hair raising stories came out of that.

Stevie B
25th July 2009, 11:31
Here are a couple of pics of the Swift, one going into Newhaven and the other is down in the Canneries/Portugul/Maderia ?, as the Atlantareia which she was named in 2004. She was down in Penzance in the late 90's and converted from a stick to a trailing dredger.

As for the Serin she hasn't worked this year and is laid up in Middlesbrough, although she has supposed to have been sold, for scrap or further trading i dont know.
The Swan is laid up in Liverpool for sale and the Skua, now the Norstone is still trading around the Solent/South Coast.

I sailed on the Swan and Swift in the 70's, the only Skipper I can remember in Gordon Ford, the Skua and Serin skipper I can remember are Dave Sampson, went to work on Red Funnel, now retired.

Up untill last year i worked on the Norstone for a few years

18th August 2009, 18:49
mv Atlanticareia ex Sand Swift operates at St.Michael island, Azores She is registered at Ponta Delgada and had portuguese flag.

15th November 2013, 12:02
I was on the Swift for a while in '86, the skipper being John Dines, and we were at sea during the big blow. We'd been dredging off of Newhaven, and by the time it became clear that it was going to get really bad, we'd left it too late. Newhaven, Portslade, Portsmouth, and Southampton were all unable to take us in and we spent the night on both anchors in St Catherine's Roads, off of the Isle of Wight with the engines turning slow ahead to stop us dragging. Myself, I had the midnight till eight watch off, and slept through the worst of it. It wasn't till we were watching breakfast telly that we realised just how bad it really had been. The picture was taken on the Swan, whilst doing a bit of overtime. Bert.

Stevie B
15th November 2013, 19:20
Hi, think you mean St Helens, St Catherine's is South of the Island.
You picture isn't the Swan, looks more like the Lark, Tern or Gull. The Swan and Swift were stick dredgers not trailers.
Just looked at your other pics, think it was the Tern.

16th November 2013, 10:08
Hiya Stevie, Time has probably dimmed the memory, this photo shows it was the Tern. Brian Mutley was the skipper at the time, and we were in Southampton for several weeks while Ship Aid Services rebuilt our engine before taking her round Lands End and working out of Briton Ferry and Swansea. As for where we anchored on the Swift, I could be mistaken, but I'm sure in my own mind, that I remember St Catherine. Regards, Bert.

Stevie B
16th November 2013, 18:27
Hi, it is very deep off St Catherine's and was an explosive dump too.
Remember Brian, think he was on the Serin with C/Off John Ford. Brian went to Red Funnel, might still be there ?

17th November 2013, 10:59
Can't help you with that one I'm afraid Steve as I left RMC early '87 and have been ashore ever since, regards, Bert.

20th December 2013, 01:12
She was broken up at Ponta Delgada harbour, St. Michael's , Azores islands, Feb/april 2013.