Webcams at Sea

21st July 2009, 19:12
Being bored at work today I found a link to webcams on cruise ships - 47 in all.

Some of the links are really good and others so so.

Theres different views from some of them, with a camera at the front and back of the ship. Others give you a map and tracker.

Was good fun at work :-)

The link to the cruises are half way down the page

21st July 2009, 19:23
Some Job that looking at web cams all day !

26th July 2009, 15:44
Quite a few ships have cameras fitted nowadays, here are links to a few of them...

AIDAvita -

AIDAluna -

AIDAbella -

AIDAdiva -

AIDAura -

AIDAcara -

Costa Crociere Fleet bridge & stern webcam homepage -

Princess Cruises bridge & wedding chapel webcam homepage -