HMB Endeavour - SN crewmates required

nick olass
22nd July 2009, 02:08
I have read and enjoyed the many stories and adventures from all you likely lads at SN. Now here is a challenge for you all. How many of you, if Captain Cook was pointing his finger at you, beckoning you, daring you to come aboard his floating hunk of wood, would volunteer for a cruise to unknown lands. You would most likely be a sea for a year or two. You would be rewarded with a few bob when [if] you got back.
Come on you scurvy scoundrels put your X here and come aboard.

I am really looking forwards to some crazy excuses and comical remarks.


Nick Olass

22nd July 2009, 04:48
Not coming if it hasn't got a Doxford !!

22nd July 2009, 05:07
I,ve been on ships like that. Cheers janathull

22nd July 2009, 19:46
I have heard that there are members here that actually sailed with Cook[=P]

Bob Sendall

22nd July 2009, 19:49
I have heard that there are members here that actually sailed with Cook[=P]

Bob Sendall

How did you know that I've never mentioned it (Smoke)


22nd July 2009, 21:50
My mum says I cant come unless I wear that awful scarf she knitted me.
and I must have hot milky horlicks every night

22nd July 2009, 22:01
If I go back aboard it, I want a better hammock berth, last one nearly froze me nutsoff.

K urgess
22nd July 2009, 22:07
No thanks.
Was offered it as junior sparkie but I knew that if the wind generator broke it would be the sparklette that ended up winding the handles.
Besides catching lightning bolts to charge the batteries is not my idea of fun.

22nd July 2009, 23:24
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage

nick olass
22nd July 2009, 23:24
I honestly thought you lot had more balls, come on Florian show this mangie lot what you are made of, or are those two 'maltesers' in your pocket.
Where are all the moderators [skippers], it seems that they have dissappeared into the woodwork as well? Is there nobody in SN with any good old British Bulldog spirit, what about you Ian Cameron, or you Pat Kennerdy. Billy 63 Iv'e put your name down, I'll even come with you, me mam has given me a Long John Silver Hat and Captain Cook said he'd give everyone else one and a bag of 'smarties'. Who is coming, are you all lily-livered, no-one, well it looks like just you and me Captain?
Hang on a minute, I'm not going up there, I'm not very good with heights, what, scrub the deck, you are joking, sod it I'm going for a game of majong instead.

Nick Olass

23rd July 2009, 15:59
OK then here we are 'X' (Jester)

24th July 2009, 17:38
Yes I have sailed with a cook.

24th July 2009, 21:55
Im not going anywhere with a Yorkshireman in charge.