CCL playing a game of one-upmanship on RCCL?

23rd July 2009, 11:13
The Mediterranean cruise market is quite a well fought over area in the industry, has been for years and even moreso as the big two CCL & RCCL have brought both their own ships and expanded into buying up fleets and starting new ventures in recent years.

CCL have (amongst others) Costa, the largest operator in Italy who happen to have controlling interests in the German line AIDA and the recent Spanish addition, Iberocruceros.

RCCL on the other hand have the Spanish operator Pullmantur, the French line CDF Croisières de France and have recently joined forces with the German TUI Cruises.

Now it seems that CCL doesn't want to be left behind, but rather than throwing themselves into a full blown French operator to rival that of CDF Croisières de France, they are playing it safe. Paquet used to be a well respected line out of Marseille that operated the venerable Mermoz. They fell by the wayside several years ago as a line but maintained a presence as a cruise agent. In 2010 Paquet are chartering Costa Allegra from May 7 thru June 28 and then again in November. They are going to crew the ship entirely with French officers and market the cruises to the French only.

I personally have a bit of an interest here since the first charter segment is overlapping the end of my cruise next year and Costa UK didn't have a clue that Paquet are chartering the ship. I have yet to have any confirmation as to what is happening in relation to last 4 days at the end of my cruise.

So could this be CCL playing a game of one-upmanship on RCCL and maybe dipping their toes into the French cruise market to try and coax passengers off CDF Croisières de France and onto their own Paquet/Costa product?

Time will inevitably tell, I spose.

4th January 2010, 23:40
[QUOTE=shamrock;343154]CCL playing a game of one-upmanship on RCCL?

It's not unusual to see these two companies 'playing the game'. Who has the biggest ship - QM2 - Oasis of the Seas. Who wants to have the biggest ships sailing out of Southampton? Who wants the lions share of the market?

Both Companies are trying to outdo the other ever since Carnival tried to buy the then fledgling RCCL in 1988.
Watch out for one of them try to buy NCL from Star Cruises!!