Queen Mary 2

25th July 2009, 18:17
Having just returned from a trip on her an unusual event took place. The weather was calm, blue sky but a big rain storm could be seen approaching.
We were tied up alongside and I had counted the mooring ropes back aft earlier on and there were 10 (2x5) and I presume the same forward. The rain came and with it a huge gust of wind ( some said a tornado) it hit the ship made her keel over 2/3 degrees and with a terrific bang hit the quayside, broke the forard mooring ropes away and put the forward gang plank into the docks, luckily nobody on it at the time. The ships insurers were sent for to inspect if any damage done. None reported. We sailed 3 hours late. Next port of call divers were sent down to inspect the hull to see if any damage. No damage. At all times the master kept us informed of what was going on and the insurnce man told him that as she was an extremely well built ship with a thicker hull, it might have been a different story if it had been a cruise ship.
The master always spoke twice a day to his guests and always ended up with an Irish joke.

Cunard do not carry passengers they are guests.!!

25th July 2009, 18:31
There is a time lapsed video from QM2's bridgecam of her rope snapping here...


The 'action' starts after 2 minutes of the time lapse editing.

She moved around quite a bit.

(Click to View Daily BridgeCAM Videos and then July 21st)

25th July 2009, 18:41
Quite a few guests were knocked sideways when it happened, but no casualties. I did not realize that she moved so much. Thanks for web cam site.