Brave Bay coxswain, Robert Patton, to be honoured at Seafest

26th July 2009, 08:28
THE bravery of a Runswick lifeboatman who died rescuing a seaman from a ship wrecked off the Whitby coast 75 years ago will be recalled at an event this weekend.

The lifeboatman, Robert Patton was a member of a well-known Runswick fishing family and coxswain of the motor lifeboat, The Always Ready.

He and his crew were called out to the aid of a salvage vessel, The Disperser, based in Whitby, but which was being towed to Hartlepool for repair.

Off Runswick, The Disperser got into difficulties in heavy seas and began to take in water.


Thats another Story
26th July 2009, 08:50
The Brave Men And Women Of The R.n.l.i Ask Very Little Of The Country. They Keep Us Safe Around Our Coast. How Many Get To See The Queen For Knighthoods Ect None I Suspect? How Many {common} Men And Women Out Of The R.n.l.i Will Ever See The Inside Of The Palace Very Few ? They Dont Do It For Praise They Do It Becouse They Care. It's About Time They Were Funded Properly And Not Have To Go Cap In Hand To Fund Them ?

Andy Iannetta
23rd September 2010, 21:34
The Always Ready, was re named "Robert Patton The Always Ready" after her Cox "Robert Patton" was killed during a rescue, he fell between the Lifeboat and a casualty and saved the Life of a man, Robert Patton died of his injuries a few days later. The vessel has been restored and lightly converted into beautifull condition and Lives on, she is based at Saul Junction on the Gloucester to Sharpness canal in Gloucestershire @ R W Davis boat yard