R.C. Rickmers

Jan Hendrik
15th September 2005, 12:26
Built at Rickmers Werft Bremerhaven 1906 sail area 5025 sqm. length 134 meters, breadth16.4 m. GRT:5548 cargo 8000 tons.

She was bought by the British and renamed Neath.

In 1917 this former German pride of the seas was torpedoed by the German submarine U66 near Fastnet, Ireland whilst on her way from Mauritius to the U.K. with a load of sugar.

copyright: Hempel A/S, Copenhagen, 11/02
artist: Johannes E. Moeller

15th September 2005, 12:48
Ahoy Jan,
In the "old days" we were always looking for those HEMPEL calenders,some came on board, mostly for the Captain/Mate and I had a few 'cause they were/are wonderfull, but I lost them all,what a pity!!!.Now cann't find them anymore.

Jan Hendrik
15th September 2005, 12:58
I started working for them in Rotterdam back in 1966 and have all calendars with only few exceptions since that period until/incl 2005, so I will keep posting the pictures and info as I go along.
I retired 1st Jan this year but will make sure I continue receiving the calendars.

p.s. when you see copyright, then I added the month and year of the calendar.