Dusty Miller

Glenn Miller
29th July 2009, 17:22
My name is Glenn Miller, AKA Dusty.

I work for OCL, from when I left NSTS at gravesend, in Oct 1974, up until 1974 through to 1980, I had a few months ashore in 1976, because I broke my leg in 2 places playing football.

I now work for Surrey Fire and Rescue service and have done for the last 24 years.

I would love to hear from, any one who knows me.


Glenn "Dusty" Miller

fred henderson
29th July 2009, 17:25
A warm welcome Dusty. I wish you luck in your search for old shipmates and hope that you will join in the activities on the site.

Fred (Thumb)

K urgess
29th July 2009, 17:36
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Dusty.
Quite a few lads from OCL in the crew so find your way around and have a good trip.

29th July 2009, 18:56
Greetings Glen and welcome to SN on your first posting. Bon voyage.

Steve Woodward
29th July 2009, 20:04
Welcome to SN from East Yorkshire, enjoy your time with us and the best of luck in finding old shipmates

Glenn Miller
29th July 2009, 20:49
Thanks for the welcome guys, I am amazed at this site, its fantastic.

nick olass
29th July 2009, 22:13
I loved your dad's music Glen, so from a very damp Wales, a very warm welcome. I hope you find your mates, and if you don't, you will soon make some new ones here.


stevie burgess
29th July 2009, 22:57
Hi Dusty, Welcome aboard mate. It's 30 years since i last sailed with you on the RES 22.11.78-7.3.79 and did the trip before that on the DISCO...wasn't that the trip we did up the Gulf and you had your wife with you...Chips was the Capt. Quite a few of the OCL boys here...some you might know!
Enjoy the site mate and look forward to your postings.

30th July 2009, 08:24
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer