Rick Watson
6th August 2009, 02:13
I've just joined this ship. Hope she's a good feeder! Can't be doing with Slow Starvation and Agony at this time of life! - Rick Watson

Frank P
6th August 2009, 10:23
Welcome onboard Rick, enjoy the site.

Cheers Frank(Thumb)

K urgess
6th August 2009, 10:34
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Rick.
Much better feeder which is why there are quite a few SSA in the crew.
Have a good trip.

6th August 2009, 10:37
Greetings Rick and a warm welcome to SN on your first posting. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

6th August 2009, 11:18
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

6th August 2009, 22:16
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.