Hello - Information re Tahsinia

helen neville
9th August 2009, 10:14
Good morning! - I would welcome any information on the Tahsinia. My Father was an Engineer on board that vessel - we grew up knowing he was torpedoed (he said by Japanese) on October 1943. From internet access I know it may have been a U-boat with German Master. Any information on survivors - events of that time would be appreciated. Many thanks.


ian d.cameron
9th August 2009, 12:04
Hello and welcome Helen
Some info of the attack here
TAHSINIA Official Number 168713
I don’t know if the last log book would have survived maybe someone could advice on that and any survivor reports, but you could ask for:
The Last crew agreements for Official Number 168713 TAHSINIA. BT 381/2657
If you can visit Kew then this information is free, otherwise to go Digital Express straight to your computer will cost 8.50. for up to ten images.

K urgess
9th August 2009, 12:50
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Helen.
I see you have had some help already which is typical of the crew.
Find your way around the ship and have an enjoyable voyage.

ian d.cameron
9th August 2009, 14:18
Just found this thread from late last year/early this year

9th August 2009, 18:28
Greetings Helen and welcome to SN Bon voyage.

9th August 2009, 22:01
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

9th August 2009, 22:52
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

9th August 2009, 23:31
Hello Helen,

Here's a pic of the Tahsinia.

ian d.cameron
10th August 2009, 07:40
Hi Nick had a look at this one myself and turns out shes the 1946 build. The one Helens looking for was built in 1942 and sunk in 1943 so doubtful there will be a photo of her, but you never know.

helen neville
30th August 2009, 20:26
Hello Helen,

Here's a pic of the Tahsinia.


Thank you so much! - will send to my Mother in Chile - will mean so much to the family.