Ex Safmarine 4/e

8th August 2018, 08:16
Hi all
A very long time ago I sailed on Safmarine ships as 5/e initially on a tanker, the st Kuland, next a cargo ship the SA Transporter, promoted to 4/e on her then a tanker again as the supers in Durban said I required more sea time before commencing 2/e studies, so I was to do 6 months on the st Thorland.
That trip did not last long , as the ship exploded off the Kenyan coast on her return trip to the middle east after discharging cargo in Durban.
I never got to sit the 2/e exam, resigned and worked my resignation out on a cargo ship, the SA Statesman a Med. cruise.
I still have an interest in shipping, having moved to Australia spend some nostalgic time on Sydney docks.