Fyffes M boats early 1970's

9th August 2009, 20:50
Any ex Morant seaman grade1's remember assisting Louis jump ship in Hobart, Tasmania? Most of us were in our early twenties and (old) Louis (Lewis ?) was 41. He met and fell for a girl less than half his age and decided that was where he was going to drop anchor!After smuggling all his posessions ashore past the customs training school at the end of the Quay, we waved him Bon voyage.
Two weeks later he was caught by the plods and put on the last fruit boat out for the season as a DBS. Whilst passing the Cape, he suffered appendicitis and was airlifted ashore. We meanwhile, had sailed for home via Durban (for bunkers), Hamburg and Helsinki with a cargo of apples. On arrival at the KG5 docks in London, some two months after waving goodbye to him, there stood Louis,suitcase in hand, waiting to greet us. He said that Fyffes had paid all his hospital bills and air fares back to the UK on condition that he rejoin the ship on her arrival back in the UK. As we signed off, he signed back on. We had been away about six months and were going home on leave whilst poor old Louis had to sign straight back on again. He was a great character and took it all with a grin and a wink. I never saw him again.

3rd July 2011, 15:10
Here,s a pic of me on the manistee