Fastnet Race 1979

11th August 2009, 09:53
There was brief programme on TVNZ about the Fastnet Race in August 1979, mainly I think because Sir Peter Blake and a number of NZ sailors were involved. I was on RFA Plumleaf anchored in the Solent and it certainly blew that weekend. I wonder in any RFAs were involved in the rescue in the SW approaches ?

stevo r6 86
17th August 2009, 15:09
hi rfa tidespring was in the rescue aswell as hms anglesy(minesweeper),hms broadsword (frigate). hms dasher(yacht),hms sultan(yacht),also the entire irish navy aswel as a naval dutch destroyer overijssel. hope this helps :)

Don Matheson
17th August 2009, 15:48
Is this the disastrous race where the crew from one yacht told the police that the Irish lifeboat crew had stolen articles from the yacht. They were supposed to have done this while rescuing the crew who were more that willing to abandon their yacht once the Irish lifeboat got to them. The yacht crew seemed to overlook the fact that once they were taken on board the lifeboat, in other words saved by the lifeboat crew, the lifeboat then went with them on board to search for other survivors.

Dont know the outcome of that little matter.


stevo r6 86
17th August 2009, 15:57
hi tried looking but could not find any articles bout that incident :)

Don Matheson
17th August 2009, 16:12
Steve I am old enough to remember that race and the heroic work that went on to save the yachtsmen.
It was something I remember being mentioned by one of the Guard after the lifeboat had returned with the crew. It has stuck in my mind all those years as someone must have reported it to the Guard or why would he have mentioned it.
Always stuck in my mind that no lifeboatman would do such a thing and when could they have done it also if I was abandoning a yacht the sea or the salvors could have the lot. Will try and find more on it.


stevo r6 86
17th August 2009, 16:19
my only guess why maybe someone may have cried wolf was maybe the yachtsman or woman may have some sort of grudge against the irish? although myself think that everyone should have full respect for the lifeboat men as they did do a brilliant job. i myself is to be a volunteer at a non-rnli lifeboat station g.a.f.i.r.s on the solent.