Panasonic DMC-FZ28 EB-K

15th August 2009, 13:27
Looking at purchasing one of the above camera's for my forthcoming holiday next year.

Has anyone got any experience (good or bad) with one, please?

It has an internal memory of 50mb, so if using the factory settings, how many photo's could that comfortably store please?...reason for asking is this time I will not be lugging the laptop with me, so will need to buy a couple of memory cards, probably 8GB ones.

And idiot proof are these Panasonic Lumix camera's, please?

Thanks :)

Pat McCardle
15th August 2009, 14:20
I have a FZ28 & it is the best digital camera I have owned. at 10mp you get 18x digital zoom, 5mp 25.7x zoom & 3mp 32.1x zoom, so plenty of zoom available without having to change lenses. If you use the Internal Memory you get 9 shots at 10mp, 20 at 5mp & 32 at 3mp so go for the 8GB card where you get 1573 at 10mp, 3168 at 5mp & 4880 at 3mp, so plenty of memory there. It also has video in HD but this only gives you 8m24s, I use vga setting & get 22m22m12s. All with the Panasonic Optical Image sabilizer, O.I.S. much better than mechanical image stabilizing, i.e. if you get bumped when taking a snap the photo does not become blurred. Another added bonus is the lense which is a Leica, probably the best lense maker in the world in MHO.

As for 'Idiot Proof' just use the Intelligent Auto setting & let the camera adjust everything to the light conditions of where the photos are being taken. The only downside are the instructions which are on CD & run to 215pages. I paid 259.95 last September & bought it, on the net, from Simply Electronics.

15th August 2009, 14:38
Thanks for that Pat, I have seen one at Comet for 249 and Currys & Jessops for 269.

Might hang fire til the January sales, see if the price comes down a little more...always on the look out for a bargain thesedays. My Samsung 5MP camera has gone into awkward mode, very tempermental for some reason and the downloaded software that was on my laptop went AWOL somehow, which makes using it a tad tricky.

The Lumix does seem to have plenty of extra options on it...and might even disguise the fact that as a photographer, I leave alot to be desired since I do get the shakes sometimes (so the anti-blurring capability will come into its own, especially on the ship) :)

Thanks again...always good to read of actual experiences before splashing the cash :)

Pat McCardle
15th August 2009, 14:44
Type in the model number on Google & you will see it for 216 on one of the net pages

15th August 2009, 15:01
Type in the model number on Google & you will see it for 216 on one of the net pages

I have to go and buy it in person plastic temptation available :o

15th August 2009, 15:49
My first digital camera was a Samsung Digimax V4 which I thought was excellent but the magnification was not what I wanted. I agree with Pat the FZ28 is is a first class camera and I find it easy to use which is what I want. Everything these day's must be simple! I wish you happy photography (Thumb)

Peter Wearing
27th September 2009, 20:57
Just had this camera for my birthday, have had a practice with it and find the zoom lens very impressive, to be able to up the zoom length with not much loss of picture quality is a real bonus. Looking forward to some serious use soon!

2nd October 2009, 12:44
I usually look at Amazon for reviews. Your choice looks pretty good. see Reviews HERE (

You could also check out for reviews. Your choice is HERE (

I hope these help :)

J Boyde
3rd October 2009, 07:25
Shamrock, I have one of the cameras you refer to. I have one problem that I am aware of. It is a bugger looking at the scene with the sun, had to see properly. I had a cannon before that (actualy still have it but had a problem and they dont repair them anymore) I liked looking through the small view, and didnt worry about the large view, many new ones dont have that viewer.
Apart from that, it is simple to use and with only two batteries dosnt way a ton.
Jim B

3rd October 2009, 08:02
Thanks guys...your imput is most appreciated :)

I shall be replacing the Samsung around Christmas or during the January sales (bargain hunting ;))...and will probably fo for this Panasonic since it does seem to fit what I am looking for without it being too scary for technophobes like moi :o