Has anyone heard of or sailed in a BI ship called KENYA?

17th August 2009, 20:14
I am hitting a brick wall in this! Once-upon-a-time, I thought the KENYA was fairly well-known in BI circles.
Have any of you sailed in this ship? If so, please see my recent request for fairly simple info regarding the hatches.
Best wishes
Bob Wilson

Pat McCardle
17th August 2009, 21:12
There were 2 named Kenya. 1930 built, sold on & scrapped 1970 & 1951 built & scrapped 1969.

K urgess
17th August 2009, 21:22
There are a few in the gallery but none showing the hatches clearly unfortunately. (Sad)
The best candidate is the one posted by Stan Mayes which has a slight angle above deck level.
But then again, it depends on which one you're looking for.


ronnie r
17th August 2009, 21:34
Hi contact Tom E Kelso on this site he spent most of his career on BI he's a font of info on these ships, also check out the BI stuff on the site
Regards Ronnie R

17th August 2009, 21:48
Thanks for replies.
My earlier query just drew a blank. Here is repeat of my request

British India passenger ship KENYA 1951 1959.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with the following information regarding the five hatches of this ship.

I assume that number one, in the fore welldeck had a raised coaming.

But what of the other four, were they raised or flush fitting?

To refresh memories, their positions were:

Nr. 1 Fore welldeck.
Nr 2 Directly in front of bridge.
Nr. 3 Between bridge and engineroom accommodation.
Nr. 4 Between first class swimming pool and Verandah ballroom (Prom deck).
Nr. 5. Just aft of tourist swimming pool.

My own (guess) is that Nr. 1 was raised and possibly Nr. 2 as well, but feel 3, 4 and 5 were flush, but not really sure.

Bob Wilson

tom e kelso
17th August 2009, 23:35
Bob's inquiry has been answered direct


7th September 2009, 09:25
I sailed on the Kenya 1952/54 as J E/Oand as 4thE/O
I have Photos of Kenya

Send me a PM

7th September 2009, 11:09
The second Kenya was a sister ship to the Uganda, of Falklands fame.

7th September 2009, 13:08
Greetings Alan and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

7th September 2009, 14:25
Hi Alan,
I have replied direct.
I knew KENYA was sister to UGANDA and although I saw a lot of UGANDA from time to time (Falklands), she had been altered to such an extent that in my opinion, she didn't look anywhere near as good as KENYA in later years!